Part I
The Mark of the Beast

In ancient China, they had a practice called ling chi. It has been translated as "death by a thousand cuts." That actually seems to be an erroneous translation, as the real ling chi involved far fewer slices. However, the concept is the same whether it is thirty or a thousand cuts. In real ling chi, the executioner tortures his victim to death by making a series of cuts. On one pass, he cuts off a victim's arm or a piece of the arm, or an ear or a nose on another. A victim's eyes are often put out so that the victim cannot see where the next slice will be. All of this is done to inflict as much torture on the victim as possible until the victim is finally killed on the final slice.

Those who are so desperate to hang onto power are attacking me in much the same way. You see, I struck at the very heart of the beast that governs our society. The beast, by whatever name you call it, has infiltrated every level of our society. It has taken over the judicial system. It governs our legislature. It governs our educational system. It controls the mainstream media except it can't quite control the internet at present. The beast knows no party affiliation; it controls both sides of the equation, both Democrats and Republicans.

The beast craves power and control; it cannot tolerate any loss of the same. Every once in awhile, however, the beast lets one person get through the cracks. The individual that succeeds is often marginalized and rendered ineffective. Think things will really change if we put the Democrats in power? Think again. Oh, they will no doubt begin impeachment in Washington, D.C. and that would be a good start, but things will not really change in our government and in our society. Most of us are too busy worrying about who is on Survivor, who will win American Idol or the latest pretty white woman that was killed or abducted to pay much attention to what the beast is really doing. The rest of us are pitted against each other in race and class warfare as the beast hopes to keep us distracted and too busy fighting each other so we will not fight it.

The beast has unleashed its full force against me to prevent someone like me from being elected. Why? Because I pose a threat. If someone was stupid, but controllable, the beast would have no problem as long as the person had enough smarts to rule on things the way the beast dictates. Stupidity can be allowed. I can't be controlled; the beast can't get to me by the normal channels. An issue might arise and I might not decide the case the way the beast wants, so I cannot be allowed to win.

How is the beast going to stop me? They tried to get me off the ballot and when that effort failed, they filed a frivolous bar complaint. Now they have filed another and undoubtedly they will file more as the election draws near. Its death by a thousand slices.

Most people know that something has gone wrong, terribly wrong with this grand experiment that was once America. I'd like to think that if more of us paid attention to what is really going on and made an effort to fight back against the beast, me or someone like me might have a fighting chance. We might even win! And then we would bring about an American restoration to take back our country from the beast.

Part II

I was getting ready for work when I heard Vernon Robinson on the radio. I caught the tail end of the conversation with Vernon Robinson. I don't reside in the district and can't vote for or against him, but I offer the following comments.

As some of you recall, I supported Mr. Robinson in his bid to become chair of the NC GOP. I believed at the time that he presented the best opportunity to get the NC GOP from Art Pope's influence. However, it was not to be.

You may also recall that I attended the NC GOP convention and that I witnessed the debacle in which Vernon Robinson was defeated by an overwhelming majority. It was a real "ass-whupping." I would have stood my ground, accepted the results and would have immediately resigned from the party. I made my decision and eventually I did leave, as have many others who have become disgusted over what the national and local Republican Parties have become.

But not Vernon Robinson. Like a good slave, he has returned to the plantation. I am sorry to use that metaphor, but his actions are like that of a slave saying "I'll be good from now on, Massa." A real leader would have told the NC GOP to shove it and would have resigned from the party after how he was treated.

Mr. Robinson must have asked forgiveness of the NC GOP. Following his defeat for city council in 2005, he offered to be the sacrificial lamb for the 13th district Congressional seat even though he does not reside in the district. The NC GOP had a difficult time recruiting candidates (no wonder considering how they act towards people!) and they were wanted someone to run. Also, the people in North Raleigh may not be familiar with Mr. Robinson's tactics. Whether for these or other reasons, the NC GOP allowed him to run. Its hogwash for him to say that he chose the district because of the values in it, but then I would not expect a politician to state the real reason for his actions.

Does Vernon Robinson challenge President Bush for domestic spying and the other violations of our civil rights that have occurred under this administration and this president? One would think that a former Air Force officer, who was sworn to uphold the Constitution, would do so. Not Mr. Robinson. Instead, he labels himself as the "black Jesse Helms" a man who stood for bigotry and racism, and he exhibits his intolerance for illegal aliens and homosexuals.

We have many serious problems facing our nation and our state. Illegal immigration is among them and we need to work to find a reasonable solution to the problem. Bashing gays is a tactic is designed to do nothing more that stir up the religious right to vote. However, preaching intolerance and hatred is not a positive way to address the problems. Nor does it tell us much about where Mr. Robinson stands on other issues, such as the pollution of our environment, the efforts he would make to end the War in Iraq , how he would restore the civil liberties that have been taken away or whether he would be a yes-man for this administration.

Paul Newton

And Mr. Robinson allows his supporters, like Paul Newton, to engage in continued attacks of me. Voters can make up their own minds to vote for or against me, but ugly personal smears of this nature should not be tolerated of anyone. Has Mr. Robinson forgotten that it was through my efforts that he got a plane that I paid for, to fly him around during his bid for chairman of the NC GOP when all the while he still had his own campaign money and could have paid for the plane himself? He did not even give me so much as a "thank you" for the effort. I have a good mind to ask for him to return the money, but I am not that kind of person. However, Mr. Robinson not only allows this behavior to go on but he engages in it himself. Before you cast your vote, ask yourself if you want to be represented by a man of this character.

Best Wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter

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