Rep. Carolyn Justice in response to a
supportive message from Rachel's campaign

July 27, 2005

Dear Friends and Voters:

My recovery continues to move forward. My face is still paralyzed. I met with my doctors on Friday. The good news is that they think my nerves will come back. However, the nerves are very slow at growing, so it will take some time. Since I have left the Republican Party, I was not going to address their foibles anymore. This is like shooting monkeys in a barrel. Sure, its fun for awhile, but it does get tiresome. However, whenever someone, regardless of party affiliation mouths an idiocy, I am compelled to comment on it. The latest inanity is from Ferrell Blount's criticism of two Republican legislators.

Back when I just started my legal career, there were a few months when I did not get paid because the legislature did not pass a budget. Things worked out, but if you are living on a weekly check and have bills to pay, its really tough and screws up credit, bills and everything else. And anyone remember the Republican fiasco of 1995 when the federal government was shut down? The Republicans were criticized as being to blame for it. Our legislature in North Carolina cannot pass a budget. But they didn't shut down the government. They did the next best thing, the common sense thing, and voted to continue to keep the government afloat. Two Republicans, mindful of 1995, voted with the Democrats to continue things until the legislature could pass a budget.

What does Ferrell do? He criticized the two female legislators, Carolyn Justice and Wilma Sherrill, for voting on a "tax increase" because a continuation of the government included existing tax law which would also continue. Even worse than claiming that the legislators voted for the "increase," he threatened their donations. He proved yet again that no one need fear him because Republicans only attack their own, especially women.

"Thanks for your message, for your offer of support and for your kind words. Actually Mr. Blount's letter infuriated my supporters and apparently I will receive more money from them than in the past. Please extend my best wishes to Ms. Hunter."

Rep. Wilma Sherrill . (We encourage you to support Reps. Wilma Sherrill and Carolyn Justice to ensure their successes in future elections.)

This from a party that thinks its okay to scam the elderly. This from a party that writes worthless checks to college kids. This from a party that was fined for its violation of campaign laws. This party is morally bankrupt. It has no ideas other than name-calling and thuggish tactics. When you depart from your principles, this is what you get.

This is one of the reasons that I am forming my own PAC. The money will be given to candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who are anti-war and who promote liberty. So don't waste money on the party which will be used to pay fines for illegal behavior. Send it to the PAC.

On the national scene, we have seen the repeated London bombings and the response there and at home. We had a man who was alleged to be unconnected, shot dead in London . While I decry terrorist acts and those who commit them, the actions of the police are to be condemned. Many of you who are "Bush 'bots" may applaud such actions. I do not. I ask you, are you safer by the police going through your knapsack? Are you safer because the police shot someone? London is an incredibly surveilled city. And yet the bombings still managed to occur. We will not be safer here just because the police are searching our bags. Think before you give up any more rights for a little perceived safety.

Last week, President Bush made a quick stop in North Carolina , ostensibly to promote CAFTA. He received a cool reception, as all of the congressional representatives save Sue Myrick, are against it. In fact, Congressman Jones is holding a rally with other representatives and groups against it.

CAFTA, like NAFTA, is a nice idea if trade were truly free. However, its not. Other governments may subsidize their industries. And even if they do not, companies will rush to hire lower wage workers who compete with higher-paid Americans. How will our businesses compete? The textile industry in the Carolinas has already been decimated and this will kill what is left. And there is the loss of our sovereignty, as an unelected trade body will regulate what is or is not allowed. Dr. Ron Paul wrote a cogent article on why CAFTA is a bad bill that's bad for America . Hopefully, the house will do the right thing and reject it.

Meanwhile, the war churns on. And more Americans and Iraqis are dead. Its easy to pick them off while they are standing in line for a job or children getting candy. Whose idea was that? It sounds good, but in actuality they are creating unnecessary targets.

While some are calling for 100,000 more troops to "finish" the job, its not enough to seal the borders of Iraq . It will take many more troops than that to effectively close the borders. And even if Iraqis help, its still not enough. And where will the government get 100,000 more troops? Assuming it gets them, there is still the expense. Where will the government get the money? The war is a losing proposition for all but the private contractors who benefit from government, while Americans are asked to bear the cost and Americans, Iraqis, the British and others die. And even worse, the government is thinking of taking on Iran.

More people are waking up, thanks in large part to the internet. It's the last bastion of freedom left. More and more people are tuning out of the "mainstream" media and get their news from the internet. And it has changed campaigning too. Now, people with laptops or desktops can take their message directly to the voters without relying on the media or party meetings at which the same old tired people appear. And you don't need to be wealthy to have it. Libraries have internet access. Older folks even have it. The future is here.

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter
Candidate for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

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