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A Spring Update from Rachel Lea Hunter

March 24, 2005

Dear Friends and Voters:

I thought that I would provide an update. I have received many offers of prayers and good wishes. Thank you all. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

I have watched the party gyrations and have noticed more internecine fighting among the county GOP , especially in Wake and Orange Counties.

Another individual is bemoaning the fact that a scant 40 people showed up for their annual dinner. It takes no imagination to wonder why when the NC GOP and its county affiliates are in such disarray.

All it takes is a few of them to show up at a precinct meeting, get elected to some post and they are in charge of things. They then proceed to ban or attack or otherwise challenge anyone else who is not of like mind. Such is how autocrats and tyrants behave.

Until the party becomes something other than a private club, until the party and its thugs stop attacking decent individuals, until the party elects real leaders, nothing will change. I am waiting until the party elections. If the same old crew is in charge, I will do as many others have already done and leave.

Speaking of the party, our current leader, Mr. Blount has sounded off once again. One of his current missives rails at our state attorney general for defending UNC. Although his notice of the issue of "college abuse" as I've termed it is welcome, his rant on the attorney general is misguided. One may take issue with Mr. Cooper over certain things, but defense of the university is not one of them. Last time I checked our laws, they indicated that a state school, as an agency of the state, must be represented by our state attorney general. And an attorney is bound by ethical rules to zealously represent his client. Also, the client is the person who is control of the litigation and an attorney is bound to respect the client's wishes. One would think Mr. Blount would know these simple facts. It again substantiates my belief that we need a change on Hillsborough Street.

I also observed that Vernon Robinson has thrown in his name in the race for the chairmanship. Although I have been accused in various places of controlling Mr. Robinson, nothing could be further from the truth. It's my understanding that he was acquainted with my campaign manager, Cameron, before I ever arrived. He and Cameron talked and Cameron simply sent out a press release on his behalf that inadvertently had my name on it from my campaign. Other than the connection of Cameron, I do not know him and cannot comment on his vices or virtues. I do not know if he is the one to lead the party or not, but things are so bad, that any change is a welcome one. Therefore, I wish him well in his endeavors.

I also have finished (finally!) the Federalist Papers and have re-read Frederic Bastiat's The Law. I've now moved on to the writings of Thomas Jefferson. In reading these books, some things have struck me. As I previously mentioned, our times and culture may have changed, but not human nature. Mr. Jefferson and others were keen students of this fact and knew the good and bad aspects of human nature. That is why the Constitution was devised. As Thomas Jefferson said, ""In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

How far we have strayed from that simple idea as embodied in that document. Those in the so-called "Republican" party were adherents to a smaller federal government, less taxes and less intrusiveness by the government. Not so anymore. As the chairman of the Republican party once said, the aim of the Republicans is just to not spend as much as the Democrats. In fact, non-war spending under the Bush administration has grown twenty percent (20%), compared to the previous administration. Our government commenced a war on pretenses that those on the left and the right have challenged. Contrary to what my detractors have said, the government has locked up citizens (anyone remember Josť Padilla?) and granted to itself all kinds of powers that were previously unthinkable.

What doctrine is that? If there is a hope for the future, we need to stop squabbling over meaningless things and return to our roots. Until we regain that footing and adhere to our principles, I fear for the party and our country.

Regarding my health, I have met with my doctors and surgery is scheduled for May 5 at Duke University Medical Center in Durham , North Carolina . The surgery itself is gruesome to describe. It will be a long procedure and an even longer recovery. But as my doctor said, I do not really have any options in this matter. The tumor has robbed me of not only my hearing, but has begun to affect my ability to taste food, has caused a tingling sensation on the right side of my face and results in a real loss of balance when I am tired. However, after my surgery and recovery, I plan to be back in an action and will keep you posted as to my progress!

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter
Candidate for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

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