GOP Leadership Criticizes Homeschool
And Private School Families

Dear Friends and Voters:

I really did intend for my previous message to be my last prior to the election. Unfortunately, politics reared its ugly head in a recent story featured again in our Raleigh paper just yesterday. As a result, I am compelled to respond.

One prominent Democrat named John said on his website that my candidacy must be "stopped at all costs." Think about the implications of that statement. What does that mean? That he is calling for someone out there to do me in physically? That's what Henry II, King of England said about Thomas Becket. For those of us who know history, we know how that matter turned out. Personally, I am not concerned. No matter what happens in this election cycle, the groundwork is already being laid to keep some of the issues raised here very much alive. John won't have to fight just me, but a host of other like-minded persons.

On the right, much has been made already of a member of the Republican Party leadership, Psycho Dave. He is up to his old tricks. Not satisfied with running up to others at the Pope Center conference, he has now taken to emailing all of my supporters and others, telling how I am like our former president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and am locking people up in concentration camps. Folks, I have no private army or police force and no place to house that multitude of people. Rest assured that I am not incarcerating anyone, so you can all sleep soundly in your homes.

The point of this is to show you the level of hysteria that has infected the left and the right extremes. We also have an unholy alliance between the Republican Party leadership and those in the Democratic camp. The Republican Party leadership knows that its chosen candidate is in deep trouble and they are quietly backing another candidate. I have already discussed that their backup is not a real and principled Republican. They took their actions one step further this week by seeking an ally on the other side of the aisle. The Republican Party leadership and Co-PAM have now been exposed.

They are nothing more than a bunch of political prostitutes (no offenses to you hard working men and women of the night out there). They have no principles. They lust only for their own power and a desire to derail my campaign at all costs, even if it means electing a Democrat to our bench. I have nothing personal against the chosen Democrat, but based on his decisions and comments in attempting to get appointed to the federal bench, I do not believe that he would be the first and best choice for the seat, hence my own candidacy.

What have the Democrats and the Republican Party leadership done? It is no secret to those experienced in the political field that candidates have an "opposition research" department. It really ought to be called a "dirty tricks" department. Its mission is to dig up "dirt" on the other candidates. We see this in the battle between our existing president and his challenger. We see this in the campaigns between the candidates vying for a seat in the Senate. So it comes as no surprise that it would be attempted here.

Fearing that another Democratic candidate may have been gaining ground, we were treated this week to the little "hit" piece about another candidate and conduct that occurred ten years ago. I already discussed it here. I agree that the issue should have aired, because it casts doubt on the candidate's integrity and demeanor. But I mentioned it weeks ago, not now before the election.

The Republican Party leadership and its chief counsel, Bill Peaslee, did the same to me. Unable to find any real dirt, they have dug up a document that I signed several years ago and attempted to portray me as some type of right-wing fanatic or extremist. They gave this information to members of the media, which in turn, has now used it to help its candidate on the other side of the aisle. Let me put to bed some of these concerns, so that those who have not yet voted can decide for themselves.

I have done more homework on this and have spoken to many individuals involved. The truth is that I was asked to lend my name to a document by a professor and home-schooling mom. I inadvertently characterized this in a recent statement as a petition. I confess that I erred. I am an attorney and know better than most that words mean things. To correct any misconceptions, I did not sign a petition. A petition is where a citizen or group is asking a government body to do something. I am doing no such thing. What I signed was a "proclamation" or declaration setting forth that I agreed with the principles espoused therein, that we need to get the government out of our educational system.

Anyone who has been to my website would have seen my comments where I have set forth similar ideas, so this should not be a shocking revelation. Its also important to recognize that the proclamation is just that; its an idea. Nobody is calling for an immediate end to our public educational system tomorrow. And its also important to remember that I am running for a judicial seat, not a legislative one. The continued existence of our schools and the funding problems that they face are matters for our elected legislators to decide. I have stated repeatedly, both in connection with our Supreme Court's decision in Leandro and its progeny, that I have to respect the law, regardless of my personal views. I am sworn to uphold and enforce the law, until it is overruled by either our legislature or a majority of our state Supreme Court.

I have been to Sampson, Scotland, Moore, Montgomery, Richmond, Beaufort, Jackson, Buncombe, Burke, Greene, Pitt and many other counties, just to name a few. We have 100 counties in this state. Please do not feel slighted if your county was omitted; no insult was intended. I have seen firsthand the poverty and problems afflicting the residents of our state. I also recently talked with prominent state and federal legislators. They have echoed the concerns that are shared by myself and many others. We all know there is a problem, but we disagree on the solution.

Everyone who is on the list, especially those in North Carolina, should be offended and incensed by this pathetic, last ditch effort of the Republican Party leadership, the hardcore Democratic Party and its accomplices in the media. The Alliance is no fanatic, extremist or right-wing Christian group. The Alliance is supported by thousands of prominent and learned individuals of many faiths all over the world. The list of luminaries includes Tim Lahaye, one of the authors of the famed "Left Behind" series of books, the magicians, Penn & Teller, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author Dinesh D'Souza, radio talk show hosts, John K. Rosemond, a syndicated news columnist, Islamic scholars and members of the Catholic clergy. Several legislators, including Dr. Ron Paul, have also signed. And just plain ordinary people have signed, some from our own state. While the list is not exhaustive, I note that it includes teachers, attorneys, African Americans and many home-schoolers.

Just a word about the home schoolers or those attending private schools. You should be issued a thanks from us. These people are giving us a benefit by paying taxes, yet not adding to an already-overburdened system. Charter schools are a step in the right direction, although the cap of 100 is quite restrictive. Ironically, many students in Durham are part of the charter school movement. What does that tell you? Durham contains many members of the African American community. They, too, are concerned about the education of their children. That's why there has been a growing movement to support alternatives to our public education system, including the use of vouchers.

Dr. Paul has, as usual, eloquently expressed himself on this subject, so I will end with a quote from him. He wrote, "American parents must do everything they can to remain responsible for their children's well-being. If we allow government to become intimately involved with our children's minds and bodies, we will have lost the final vestiges of parental authority. Strong families are the last line of defense against an overreaching bureaucratic state." That's why the Alliance is out there.

I stood in line for two hours on Saturday to exercise my right to vote. Early voting may be over, leaving those who have not yet voted to do so on Election Day. Whatever you decide, this election is important. Please go and vote!

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter
Candidate for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

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