Dear Friends and Voters,

I previously wrote of Joseph Goebbels "big lie" theory. Briefly, it is that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. It seems that my opponent is an adherent of this theory.

Earlier I wrote that my opponent said in an Elizabeth City newspaper in June of this year that the Democratic Party Chair had actually endorsed him. Appearing at various events, he continued to repeat these comments. As I explained, the remarks are not true and the chair of the state Democratic Party would be removed for publicly making such an endorsement.

My opponent continues to utter this untruth. A recent article by WRAL in Raleigh claims that both political parties have endorsed my opponent. However, the justice himself contradicts the article and says "The chairs of both major political parties have issued public praise for my performance on the Supreme Court and urged voters not to cast a ballot for the challenger," i.e., myself. He has made similar statements at various forums that he and I have attended.

My opponent is a Republican and it should come as no surprise as to what the sentiments of the NC GOP-Mafia are towards me. I would not expect support or an endorsement for any member of the opposition party let alone myself. So their comments come as no surprise and I have no quibble with their choice. They can endorse or support whomever they please.

However, I have scoured the state Democratic Party website and try as I might, I can find no hint of endorsement or even praise for my opponent. In fact, in a statement about elections, the state Democratic Party has this to say: "We encourage all Democrats to unite and support the entire ticket in the General Election."

It is true that for whatever reason, the state Democratic Party has chosen not to list me among their judicial candidates, which is at odds with their own statement about elections. Some county parties have chosen to follow their lead. Other county parties feel otherwise and have listed me; in fact about half of them have done so.

What does it mean? Nothing. Silence cannot be construed as an endorsement or praise. It was even communicated to me privately that perhaps the state Democratic Party chair may have regretted his earlier comments. I shall not speculate as to whether this indeed happened or what the reasons are if it has. But what is clear is that the state Democratic Party Chair has not publicly endorsed or offered praise for my opponent.

Once again, the justice seems to be truth-challenged, in today's politically-correct parlance. Therefore, no matter how many times he repeats this nonsense about being praised or endorsed by both parties, remember Goebbels' big lie theory and that it just is not so.

As you are voting or about to vote, take this opportunity to ponder whether a character for the truth is something you want or expect from a sitting justice and whether it is woefully lacking in my opponent.

Rachel Lea Hunter

State Supreme Court Race Generates Unusual Rhetoric by WRAL.com. Channel 14 10-26-2006

RALEIGH, N.C. -- They affect the laws for the entire state. It's the longest term to which anyone is elected in North Carolina, eight years. This year, the majority of the State Supreme Court, four of the seven seats, is up for grabs.

Usually, these races don't attract headlines, but this year, there is an exception.

One race is getting a lot of attention for its unusual rhetoric. In a past election, Democrat Rachel Lea Hunter attempted to get on the ballot as "Madame Justice;" the state denied her request. But as Election Day approaches, the fireworks continue.

Justices are supposed to be impartial and run on non-partisan tickets. However, Hunter is going head-to-head with Republican incumbent Justice Mark Martin on everything, including politics. On her Web site, she calls the GOP the Mafia and compares its members to a beast.

"I devised the term 'the beast.' It is made of extremely wealthy and powerful people who make the machinery of government home," said Hunter.

"It's just a highly unusual election, and frankly I hope it doesn't repeat itself," said Martin.

Hunter has practiced as an attorney here and in Pennsylvania, but has never been a judge. Still, she says her experience in front of the bench qualifies her for the job. Martin has been on the bench in North Carolina for 14 years.

In an unprecedented showing of bipartisan support, five former chief justices, 26 former State Bar presidents and both political parties have endorsed Martin.

"The chairs of both major political parties have issued public praise for my performance on the Supreme Court and urged voters not to cast a ballot for the challenger," said Martin.

Hunter says she doesn't ask for or worry about endorsements. She jokes tongue-in-cheek on her Web site that a divine endorsement may be in the works.

"I said what's next, it's going to come out that God and Jesus endorsed me," said Hunter.

In the end, voters will make their own endorsements at the polls.

"I find a lot of fulfillment in what I do, and I hope I help make our community and state a better place," said Martin.

"Justice Martin has had the chance to stand up for people's rights and he has not done so," said Hunter.

Because Supreme Court Justices are elected in statewide races, they must cover a lot of ground during campaign season -- and it's not cheap.

Hunter says she has made 78 appearances in the past two months alone and has spent tens of thousands of dollars of her own money because she has decided not to accept donations.

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