Dear Friends and Voters,

In my last statement, I made mention of negative comments re-printed by my opponent. Funny, but he said in the Elizabeth City newspaper in June that he "would let the record speak for itself" and would "decline to comment." In the same article, he claimed that the Democratic Party Chair had actually endorsed him.

First, the Chairman of the Democratic Party has not endorsed anyone to my knowledge and he would be promptly kicked out of the Democratic Party if he did endorse a Republican. As for endorsements, I do not ask for them and this has always been my policy. If individuals wish to voice their support, they may do so and I welcome that. In fact my list of supporters includes people from all walks of life, from lawyers, doctors, to professors and PhDs to just average ordinary people. And these people come from all over the United States and the world. Their support means something, unlike a letter from five people who have never met me and can express no opinion about me.

More importantly, while the justice has not spoken directly, he has done things which are in contrast to his earlier statements. He has he re-published derogatory news articles on his website about me, articles that were printed by newspapers without any checking of the facts and which are unfounded. Further, he has taken to re-printing the news articles and using them in his promotional materials as I was advised by a voter who had attended a gathering and received the information. The voter promptly threw the materials away and was thoroughly disgusted that the justice would stoop to such campaign tactics. And I myself saw that the materials had been re-printed and were being used to actively promote his campaign. So much for his statements that he "decline[s] to comment" and will let "the record speak for itself."

Further, I stated that the justice failed to disclose his donors. Some of you commented that he was not required to do so. That is true; the law does not require candidates to report identifying information about candidates if the sum involved is less than or equal to $100.00. Were these donations from real estate developers? Big oil? Attorneys? Bankers? We don't know. If they came from a particular group, would you not want to know if the justice was beholden to that group?

Were these cash or checks? Were these from corporations, which are not allowed, or from PACS or unions? Is he shaking down attorneys in the hall after argument? Or are the donations truly above reproach? Again, we don't know since he failed to disclose.

I have attended many political functions both as a candidate and as a participant and I can tell you that masses of people are not rushing to donate $100.00 to a candidate or party. And the number of them is astonishing. I can see a handful or two. But that many? Where is the money going, except for paying his political consultant, Paul Schumaker, $175,000. As someone famous said, "beware of those who seek to profit from religion or politics."

The speculation is endless and could easily have been avoided. Even Speaker Jim Black listed his contributors; it was his failure to designate a payee that allegedly was a violation of the law. We should have open, honest and transparent government and a requirement that a candidate should fully disclose, regardless of the sum. I hope that while our legislature is enacting reforms that it will eliminate this practice because all of us have a right to know.

And to top it off, he went to the God & Country banquet sponsored by the Christian Coalition last week. I myself am Catholic and I have met many Democrats who are decent Christians within the true meaning of the word. These people exemplify the principles as taught by Jesus Christ. So I am not opposed to religion or to real Christian values. However, the mentality of the religious Christian right, as demonstrated by the Christian Coalition, is like the mentality displayed by the Taliban who want to impose their own brand of theocracy on the government. The religions are different but the mindset is the same. The Christian Coalition wants to impose its own version of Christianity, its own values on you. They want to tell you what to do with your own private life, who you can marry, who can live or die (abortion is bad but the death penalty is permissible) or if you can drink alcohol.

Justice Martin went to this event as did most of the justices on the Supreme Court. By attending, the justice is courting the Christian Coalition's vote. What does this say to those of you who are poor? Who are black? Who are homosexual? Think that you are going to get a fair shake out of a justice who courts these kinds of votes? We have already seen where he stands in important issues involving constitutional rights. But you will have to decide whether someone who is linked to the Christian Coalition, whether someone who has unidentified donors and truth-challenged statements are what you want in our judiciary.

The campaign season is heating up and numerous requests have been made for me to appear throughout the state, sometimes at opposite ends in the same day! Unfortunately, it is not possible to be everywhere as I am still not fully recovered from the radiation in that I get tired and now have to deal with my hair falling out.

Last weekend, I attended the Democratic Women's State convention in Wilmington last weekend and had the opportunity to make some new friends in Burke County [insert photograph]. I had a wonderful time but had to leave early as I had to attend an NAACP Ashanti Awards banquet in Charlotte.

Burke County Democrats Love Rachel

I also had the opportunity to speak to a group called the 4th Branch. I had a newspaper interview in Raleigh. This weekend was likewise busy as I went to Jacksonville and Castle Hayne. And I am to speak at State Government Radio, the Raleigh Wake Citizens and the NC Association of Defense Attorneys at the Grandover Resort on Friday.

I regret that I cannot attend everything, but if I am not in your area, I encourage you to send me emails or ask legal questions and I will endeavor to personally respond to you. Otherwise, I look forward to personally meeting you while I am on the campaign trail.

For Liberty and Justice for all

Rachel Lea Hunter

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