Post-Convention Update; Guess
Who's Coming to Help Rachel!

May 24, 2005

Dear Friends:

I had the opportunity to attend the Republican convention this past weekend. As I told Max the Dog, it was my first and will be my last Republican convention as long as things stay on their present course.

The Republican establishment was up to their old tricks. They stuck me at the very end. They refused to allow the delivery of a television set that was ordered. To add further insult, a justice on our Supreme Court told the delegates that only another Newby-clone was running. I not only declared my intent to run, but a big banner proclaiming this was brought to the convention. I had a table, I was on the list of vendors, I had bumper stickers and palm cards. Either the person is really that unaware or he was.

fully enlightened and deliberately lied to the delegates. Ask yourself, is this the kind of person that is fit to be on our Supreme Court?

They had some delegates who were either plants or who were equally ignorant. One told Max that the Constitution did not matter. Another wanted to know what my slogan "she cannot be bought" meant. It means what it says. Try reading it. A third woman tried to tell me that I was pro-abortion. I am not, but Roe v. Wade is the law as promulgated by the US Supreme Court. I assume that the woman was referring to the sticker that I was wearing which said that our fearless leader was pro-abortion. She evidently did not want to take the time to read.

But it was not all negative. We had a great deal of traffic at our table. Individuals stayed and talked for a long period of time and I made some new friends in Gates, Union , Yadkin and other counties. People came to ask me about legal issues. The message is getting out on the internet.

The individuals that I formerly referred to as "Bootsie" and "Psycho Dave" were both there. Both wished me well on my surgery. Bootsie even hugged me and has scheduled a mass for me. Unkind things were said in the past, but we were united in our quest to elect a new chair. As we have reconciled, further negative words will not be said here by me. I appreciate the kind words and prayers.

The convention was poorly attended. Charlotte and Raleigh were assigned hundreds of delegates, yet there were less than a hundred from each place. Despite the lack of attendance, the credentials committee had too many discrepancies. Again, it was either a deliberate attempt to play with the vote or else it was incompetence.

Tom Fetzer came to nominate the present chair. He started out by saying that both were fine gentlemen, but ... Folks, everything before the "but" is BS. And so it was with his nominating speech, as he used the occasion to lambaste poor Vernon.

Vernon gave an okay speech, but there was no fire to it. The current chair acted much as a preacher at times, extolling the virtues of his top-down management style. Elect the national ticket and the rest will follow. Umm... I was here in 2000 and 2004 and we elected Bush. But where were the supposed coat-tails? Only in fearless Ferrell's fevered brain. The man and the delegates that voted for him are living in the land of denial.

I am not ranting nor is this sour grapes. Ask yourself, which party controls the governor's mansion and the legislature? Which party controls the council of state? The only reason that there are two more Republican members on the council of state is because of corruption or the taint thereof.

Unfortunately, the vote did not go Vernon Robinson's way. I am sure he has his failings, but he would have been the better choice. However, he capitulated halfway through the vote, ostensibly to save face, while his supporters were left hanging. Many are disappointed. Some may not return. Others have talked about forming their own group, much like a shadow government. I cannot say that I blame them.

We have no statewide races in 2006 except for the judicial races. The top-down style may work in fearless Ferrell's view, but not when there is no presidential or senatorial candidate, since any coat-tails will not be present.

Remember the beginning scene from The Gladiator movie? The barbarians and the Roman army were lining up for battle and the barbarians were whooping it up as if they would intimidate the Romans and win. One Roman turned to Maximus and said "people should know when they are conquered." The Romans were victorious and the barbarians were slaughtered.

Its what the ruling COPAM-Taliban deserves. Look on the bright side - at this rate of violating Reagan's 11th Amendment (Thou shalt not attack fellow Republicans), they will be reduced to four people meeting in a telephone booth.

So donate to individual candidates, but not the state party. Have your own candidates run against theirs. I, too, will not support COPAM. And I will leave when it is opportune for me to do so.

My surgery is scheduled for later on this week. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. Because of the surgery, I plan on taking it easy for most of the summer and will not be in active campaign mode. However, I will keep you posted on my progress. We are going to start the official campaign in September and plan on doing some very creative things that have not been seen before in North Carolina.

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter
Candidate for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

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