The Only True Republican and
Only Principled Female Candidate

Dear friends:

Rachel has been working hard on the campaign trail over the past week, so I am stepping in for her today to provide an update on all the great things going on with her campaign for the NC Supreme Court.

Rachel has visited locations all over the state in recent days. On Wednesday, she visited St. Andrews College in Laurinburg. She spoke to over 100 students about various issues related to the court. The students (many of them proud Democrats; also proud of Rachel's non-partisan viewpoints on the judiciary), along with many faculty and staff members, are very enthusiastically behind Rachel! A front page story about the event was printed in the Laurinburg Exchange.

The college tour continued on Wednesday night at Appalachian State University , where Rachel spoke to a group of over 100 College Republicans. The chairman of the ASU College Republicans , Alan M. Teitleman, endorsed Rachel at the meeting. Stay tuned to the campaign web site for a statement from Alan.

Rachel will soon be writing statements about her Wednesday visits and about her Thursday stops at UNC-Pembroke and to the Down East Republican Club in Chocowinity. Keep up with the entire "Madame Justice College Tour."

Many readers ask why Rachel is called the only 'true' (or 'real') Republican in this race. To me, the answer lies in public financing. Rachel chose to do something very principled - rely on her own finances (she is not a wealthy individual) and on her ability to articulate a message at various organizational meets (i.e. college groups, local Republican clubs, etc). Rachel would never accept public financing. The way the financing system is set up relies on money from the general fund. This means that YOU are paying to potentially promote the viewpoints of a judicial candidate you may totally disagree with. If you are of liberal ideology, how do you feel about financing the campaign of a candidate who expouses conservative viewpoints? On the flipside, how do conservative readers feel about financing the campaign of a candidate with liberal viewpoints? Whether you agree with Rachel or not, we are proud to say that we do not rely on your tax money to run this campaign.

It is now also safe to say that Rachel is the only principled female candidate in this race. Several weeks ago, Rachel released a statement about alleged wrongdoings of the other female judicial candidate. Her statement follows:

"In chatting with the candidates, members of my campaign staff also learned some unpleasant things about what is happening in the Democratic camp. For those of who have been displeased by my own battle with the North Carolina Republican leadership, rest assured that things are not rosy on the Democratic side of the aisle either. It is just that they have not engaged in the type of open warfare that I have been forced to do. One of the Democratic candidates told of a temper tantrum of sorts thrown by a particular candidate when that person previously served. During the incident, the then judge tore up a stack of opinions. The judge also engaged in retaliatory and vengeful actions against the person's poor law clerk as they were both vying for the same employment. People have suggested that I lack the proper temperament to be a judge for responding to an attack. However, you should ask yourselves whether the conduct I described is the kind of temperament that you want in a judge?"

Yesterday, the News and Observer let the cat totally out of the bag with an article on the female candidate and the shocking news that she tore up and deleted opinions after she lost her race for the NC Court of Appeals. Was Rachel responsible for this story ultimately airing? We'll let you be the judge. The fact of the matter is that Rachel has now helped to blow the whistle on two unethical candidates.

Some are not too fond of our campaign blowing whistles on our opponents. Some call it mud-slinging. As long as the truth is on our side, we will continue to inform the voters of misdeeds and wrong-doings of opponents in the political system. I at least ask that voters respect Rachel for her integrity and willingness to stand up for the truth.

Rachel and the entire staff continue to be so happy with the great amounts of support you have shown this campaign. Keep the questions coming! Rachel will be spending the next day getting back to the dozens of e-mails received in the past few days.

Sincerely yours,

Cameron DeJong
Campaign Manager
Rachel Lea Hunter for NC Supreme Court

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