"Real, Principled Leadership"
An Update From Rachel Lea Hunter

April 27, 2005

Dear Friends:

On Friday night, I had the honor of attending a event honoring Congressman Walter Jones. Senator and medical doctor, Tom Coburn, of Oklahoma was also there. The two gentlemen are an example of what real principled leadership means. It's a pity that we do not have more men and women like Congressman Jones, Dr. Coburn and Dr. Ron Paul in Washington , D.C.

They spoke about real leadership and the lack thereof in Washington . We have far too many individuals who call themselves "conservative" but pay only lip service to the term. They are more concerned with their own re-election to office and never ask, "is this bill good for the citizens of America ?" Or "is this bill good for the citizens of North Carolina ?" They instead ask "how will this bill help/hinder my re-election?" They hold their fingers to the wind to see which way it is blowing and vote accordingly.

That is NOT leadership. Nor do such individuals have any principles save selfishness, greed and a lust for power. Party labels do not mean a thing. Look at how the person has voted. Look at the principles that person has espoused. Look at why a person is running. Ask yourself; are they in it to truly help the citizens? Or are they only driven to help themselves?

Those in attendance also heard about the behemoth federal government and the mushrooming debt. Both men voiced concern that if something is not done and done soon, the whole system is going to come crashing to a halt. Folks, government at all levels cannot keep spending like there is no tomorrow. There is no free money except what the government takes from you and me. We are all slaves to government. And it will get worse if things do not change.

Instead of focusing on this or that plan, we need to ask, is this something that I instead of government, should be doing for myself? We should focus on solving problems. We should not look at whether our representative has brought home "the bacon" to a district. Rather, we should ask, do we really need "the bacon?" We should hold our representatives in Congress and the President, as well as those who lead our state, including our judiciary, accountable.

Many seasoned citizens were in attendance and what Congressman Jones and Dr.Coburn had to say may not sit well with many. So be it. A leader is one who asks the hard questions and does what he or she thinks is right, even if it means their loss of office. That is morals. That is courage. That is leadership.

Speaking of leadership, I had the chance to meet Vernon Robinson. He seemed to be personable, intelligent and had a sense of humor. I wish him well, for what its worth. I know that there has been much talk about me somehow controlling him. I am working and focusing on my health. I am not controlling anyone. Nor is Mr. Robinson the type of person who can be controlled. There is simply nothing nefarious going on.

The truth is that my campaign manager, Cameron, is assisting Mr. Robinson in his bid for the chairmanship. As I said, I am focused on working and my health. However, I have maintained my website. Cameron thought it would be a good idea for Mr. Robinson's ad to appear on my website, as I am getting a fair amount of traffic. If Mr. Robinson and Cameron think it will help, they have my blessing to the endeavor. As I said to Max the dog, anyone is better than what is in office now.

I could not be more struck by the examples of Congressman Jones and Dr. Coburn. Contrast them with the leader of the Republican Party in this state. What has he done? He has a dismal record, notwithstanding his delusion that all these great Republican victories occurred. Aside from mouthing the occasional idiocy, he allows the office to be run by others who are little better than common street thugs, judging from their tactics. What money has he raised for the party and its candidates? None, as the bulk of the money was sucked up by the President. The party is in utter disarray. Look at the factions in Orange , Carteret and elsewhere that are feuding. How will he heal the rifts? He has no plans to do so, as he is nothing more than a token figurehead for the non-existent COPAM. It is the non-existent COPAM that calls the shots, not our fearless leader, Mr. Blount.

And where legal matters are concerned, he inevitably gets it wrong. He decries Judge Garey Ballance's conduct and is calling for his resignation. Judge Ballance was convicted of not reporting certain income on his tax return. Not to deprecate the seriousness of the offense, but lots of people cheat on their income taxes. However, he is a judge and ought to know better. But only the Supreme Court of North Carolina can remove him and it's up to him to resign his position.

What is ironic is that while fearless Ferrell is willing to criticize Judge Balance and call for his resignation, we have an individual sitting on the Supreme Court right this very minute who allegedly broke the law in order to get his seat. Justice Newby told the News & Observer that it was an "internal personal matter" and he refused to discuss it. He indicated that the public did not have a right to know because he is now a justice.

I may be accused of beating a dead horse. I am not. I have an opinion, but the election is over. However, I find fearless Ferrell's treatment of the two judges to be inconsistent. It seems to me that if he is willing to call for the resignation of poor Judge Ballance, then he ought to be likewise criticizing Justice Newby and demanding an answer. Or he can refrain from commenting on the actions of both.

If you are satisfied with such behavior, if you like the status quo, if you think that President Bush walks on water and needs more "yes men" in the states, then vote to keep things the way they are. If you are dissatisfied with the tack taken by those who perceive themselves to be in power and if you are as fed up as I am with the imbecilic tactics employed against people who might be good candidates, then vote for a new way of doing things. It can't get any worse in terms of the lack of leadership.

Until next time, thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter
Candidate for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

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