Like most of you, I have been busy over the summer, tending to house and the convalescence of my partner, better known as “Max” following his surgery. However, that does not mean that I have not been reading – I have, from everything about the American Civil War, to early Byzantine emperors to Harry Potter. Harry Potter? Yes, Harry Potter – the whole series. And for those who think its just for kids, think again. There is plenty of politics in the books which becomes apparent as the story progresses.

Harry, like us, is faced with an evil enemy. He hopes to rely on wiser adults who are supposed to be in charge of things. Not to ruin the tale, Harry finds out that they are incompetent at best and malevolent at worst and that the evil people he encounters in the Ministry are doing the work of the enemy.

Sound familiar? We, too, are faced with corrupt and incompetent leaders, whether its in the corporate or government realms. And we, like Harry, can only defeat the enemy, not by waiving a magic wand, but by relying on our own ingenuity, intelligence and perseverance in defeating the enemy. With that in mind, I turn to three books that I read that neatly point to the root of the problem and shows a way out of this fiasco that we find ourselves trapped in:

Hidden History of 9-11, edited by Paul Zarembka, a professor of Economics.

My thanks go to my neighbor for sharing this with me. This is actually a college textbook that is a collection of essays by Zarembka and others, all on different aspects of 9-11. Some essays are better written than others. Some may contain facts that you already know, some may have details that you did not. Whether you are new to the 9-11 movement or well-versed in it, it was a good book.

For me, the issue is simple – there are no outrageous conspiracy theories except that perpetrated by our government and their willing accomplices in the media. I will never again believe the fairy tale promulgated by our government and their media shills, no matter how many documentaries they get Popular Mechanics to do. I do not believe that Muslim men, who could not fly, suddenly became expert pilots and flew those planes into the buildings. Don’t believe me, call me a kook. I don’t really care. However, think about the facts and answer for yourself a few simple questions:

1. How is it that no building in the world has ever suffered total collapse from fire, falling uniformly in its own footprint?

2. No plane crashed into WTC-7 and yet it also collapsed. Why?

3. How can Muslim men, alleged to be incompetent at piloting a small aircraft, suddenly learn to fly a Boeing 737 and expertly change course and fly into the designated targets?

4. Why wasn’t Osama bin Laden formally charged with masterminding the 9-11 attack on the FBI website?

5. Why were war games being scheduled for that day and how is it that no fighter jets were available to shoot down the hijacked planes, if necessary?

I’ll stop there, as an interested readers can devise their own questions. For those who are interested in learning more, then this book has to be on your list!

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, by Daniel Estulin

If you think maybe I am a conspiracy theorist and member of the tin-foil hat crowd after the 9-11 book, you will definitely believe it after this. Maybe some of you have not heard much about them. For those who have, you might be inclined to think that this is basically a harmless group of rich elites who have their little get-togethers and socialize.

You could not be more wrong. This is a sinister and shadowy group, comprised of leaders from the corporate and political sector and those aspiring to office. Its no secret that Bill Clinton and others who have made their guest appearance at an event end up becoming president or holding some coveted political office. No, these men and real women are among those who make up the real power behind the throne. Voting for McCain or Obama is not as important as who these people are that make up the group. Our government is loaded chock full of Bilderbergers and whomever is elected is going to be taking direction from them. They have their bases covered no matter which candidate wins. They have plans for all of us and, if you are like me, you do not want to go in the direction in which you are led by the Bilderbergers and members of their satellite groups like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and Tri-Lateral Commission.

Its time we learned more about and exposed this group and this book is a good first start. Hats off to Mr. Estulin for daring to write it at possible risk to himself. Be daring enough to read it!

Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, by Jesse Ventura.

After reading the first two books, its easy to see how the average person can be depressed and feel hopeless. That is okay – we all feel like that at times. However, we must not give in to such feelings. When we have, we might as well have surrendered the last vestiges of our liberty as we are already defeated. But this book gives us hope.

The book chronicles Governor Ventura’s life, although it largely focuses on his trip to Mexico after he left office. As we journey with him along his route, we are treated to anecdotes about his time in office, like when he was summoned to the bowels of some government building in Washington to meet with our own shadowy and secret group. It ends with a fictional chapter, albeit a depressing one. Governor Ventura’s live comments suggest an alterative view, one that does not have to be like his fictional chapter.

We do not have to be slaves to the sinister groups such as the Bilderbergers or the ones who summoned Governor Ventura to the clandestine meeting. We can take back our country, if only we have the will to do so. Governor Ventura has expressed the sentiment that he is willing to step forward and be a leader if we show him that we are ready to really be led and that we want real change, not the phony pablum served up by the Republicans and Democrats. And there are others, who will do the same. We, like the fictional Harry Potter, have the power to change our destiny in our hand. Its time we exercised it.

Rachel Lea Hunter

21st Century
by Jack Dawsey

JACK DAWSEY writes in his book: "In this great country of America , our armies have been victorious in times of war, our commercial enterprises have provided in time of peace, and by the good hand of God upon us we have spread to every quarter of the earth our good will. We have extended our domain over more than one-third of the inhabitants . . . Despite our achievements, this great English-speaking nation is on the brink of disaster and bankruptcy."
. . These are solemn but true words from someone who has been an observer of political science, and a student of scripture since 1965. In the 300 pages that follow, Jack offers his view on vital issues. He presents to the reader some clear and precise thoughts on "millenia-mania," and the dangers of modern day evangelism. He identifies the marks of apostasy, and he challenges the reader to reexamine the "old paths," and compare them with the current theological and political thought processes affecting American churches and politics.

For a total of $17.00, the author will personally mail his 300-page 4-color paper-back, 21st Century , and his 24-page treatise, Religious & Political Culture, Self-Destructing?      And, the author will also pay all costs of shipping/mailing.

Contact Jack Dawsey for ordering information at

About the Author
Mr. Jack Dawsey was born in Fayetteville , N.C. In 1965 he left home to attend Eastern Baptist College , and Christopher Newport College , Hampton , Virginia .
From 1966-1968 he received private tutoring from Dr. George B. Fletcher, professor of Theology, Toronto Baptist Seminary, Toronto , Canada . From 1968-1972 he was tutelage in the Koine' Greek by Mr. Tucker Littleton, a MAGNA CUM LAUDE graduate of Wake Forest .

Mr. Dawsey has exercised his public speaking gift in the states of North Carolina , Virginia , West Virginia , Delaware , Maryland , Pennsylvania , Alabama , and Texas .


The Hunt for Confederate Gold
by Thomas Moore

Decentralization. Anti-war. Anti-Empire. Evil federal agents thwarted in the 21st century. Lincoln 's handiwork unraveling. Gold standard restored. There is nothing for LewRockwell.com readers not to like in Thomas Moore's novel released July 21. The author is a disillusioned former Pentagon official and Republican insider who has accepted that the Empire is irredeemable and knows where some of its weak spots are. He has given us a near-plausible, near future, hope-raising scenario of how it might be driven into retreat. Alexandria VA : Fusilier Books, 318 pp., $17.50 (quality paperback)

Rachels Review:
I had the opportunity to read "The Hunt for Confederate Gold " by Thomas Moore. It is a good thriller akin to "The Da Vinci Code." I devoured the book and could not put it down.

It blends both the War of Northern Agression , better known as the Civil War, and the war in Iraq . And it leads the reader on a chase for the elusive Confederate gold . But more than just a good story is the philosophy behind the book.It is a tale of the out-of-contol federal prosecution and the FBI ran amok. It is a discussion of the Leviathan-like federal government and how our liberties have been trampled on and our culture deteriorated. It is a story of hope for our future. Here is an example:"The foundation of a stable, moral society is a stable, honest currency, yet few of our fellow Southerners think about that. They focus on who's getting elected to this or that office, on who'sgetting appointed to the Supreme Court. They focus on all all the trappings of two-party politics, which is a rigged, fraudulent and even irrelevant enterprise.... People have been badly duped for decades by their so-called leaders and the kept media, made ignorant by [g]overnment schools, and made vulnerable to financial panic by the money cartel. Most people are virtual slaves, dependent on a debt-and- fiat money system that sucks them dry of their wealth yet provides no real security. It's possible that our people no longer have the courage and good sense to grasp the lifeline they being offered."
It is a must-read for the serious student of liberty.


War and Death of the American Dream
by Robert Raming

Robert Thomas Raming has an undergraduate degree in European history, with a minor in politics from UCLA. After a successful career as a commercial real estate broker with Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills , he returned to school and received a Masters degree in psychology from Saint Mary's University. Having lost all interest i n the political system in the 1980's, he decided to vote again after 9/11, and decided to re-educate himself and study the presidential candidates running for office in the 2004 election.

What he discovered was so shocking that he decided to write a book about it. War and Death of the American Dream is a look into the evolution of power and politics in America , and the unseen forces that have dominated our policy makers in the last 100 years. His discovery is that the two party political system is mostly an illusion, a façade designed to convince the American public they have a choice, when in fact the same powerful forces control the majority of important decisions made by both parties.

This book provides a compelling case that it is time for American to wake up and get involved in the political process before their most precious liberties and freedoms disappear.

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