It seems that my detractors have been hard at work. Several weeks ago, those in the judicial establishment who are vehemently opposed to me took the opportunity to file a bar complaint against me. Did it relate to taking money or having sex with clients? No. Did it allege some other misbehavior in the practice of law? No. What grievous act do I stand accused of committing then? My use of my nickname, "Madame Justice" on my website in which I render opinions on the law or give free legal advice to those who contact me.

And for this, I am to either withdraw from the race or face censure or disbarment? This country is facing enormous problems. This state also has its share. There are others accused of committing crimes and those who have committed them but who have not even been charged. And they are worried about what a woman with a brain tumor and a paralyzed face says on a political website? It sounds ludicrous.

It is ostensibly to protect the poor unsuspecting public, who as we all know is too stupid to think. There is no "Madame Justice" office in our state; there are only justices and a chief justice. This complaint has nothing to do with protecting the public, which is NOT too stupid to think, as I well know. Nor is this about prospective clients thinking that I have some special connections with the justices that will help their case. I don't and never indicated that I had and anyone who thought otherwise has been disabused of that idea.

The argument does not hold water, in any case. We could save all lives by driving at 5 mph. Do we do that? No. Nor should we prohibit political speech because there might be one misguided soul who might somehow think that I am a real justice or that I might have special connections that will help their case.

This complaint is politically motivated and is a sign that my enemies are so desperate that they will do anything to stop me. I will not withdraw from the race. Nor will I accede to their attempts to censure or disbar me. If such sanctions are imposed, I will seek redress in the federal courts. And someone somewhere will reveal to me who it was that filed the bar complaint. They too will be part of any lawsuit.

That is why I need your help more than ever to donate to the PAC!

Aside from responding to frivolous bar complaints, I was in Fayetteville a few weeks ago and briefly spoke to the Progressives down there. I will be returning there to speak in more detail about the death penalty. While there, I had the opportunity to meet Luis Olivera who is running for district court there. He has been a prosecutor. He has been in the military. He has been involved in the community. And he is very bright and hard-working. I think he will make a fine addition to the bench and I hope the voters in his district will give him consideration and hopefully their vote.

Tim Dunn was also there, but he has since withdrawn from the race. His withdrawal was a real class act and he has thrown his support behind Larry Kissell. As I said, I have met Larry on several occasions and I think he will be the best choice to represent the eighth district. And for those Republicans at the John Locke Foundation/Carolina Journal who believe that the race will not be very competitive if Larry wins the primary, you are wrong. I think the race will be more competitive than you realize and that Larry will give Flip-floppin Robin a run for his money.

I also attended the Wake County Young Democrats on St. Patrick's day. Mark Perry was there, as well as Ed Ridpath and Ty Harrell. Mark is running for the Clerk of Court. I know that there is another Democrat in the race. I wish them both well, but as we know, only one person can be the winner of the primary. I know that Mark may not be the first choice of some in the Democratic party, but I genuinely like Mark. He knows how the office should be run, being a practicing attorney. I think he has the experience and the knowledge to turn the office around and rectify the problems that are there and to which I can attest from firsthand experience. I hope that he gets your consideration and vote as well.

I also attended the Young Democrats' state convention in Charlotte. It was well attended. Hats off to Tony McEwen and his subordinates for putting it together! I was born at the tail end of the baby boomers. I am sorry to say that my generation has really made a mess of things. If possible, I would like to do my part to make it right. However, the brunt of the problems will fall on people like the Young Democrats. It was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic young people involved and grappling with solutions to our problems.

One such person was Congressmen Tim Ryan of Ohio. I agree with Mr. Ryan that we don't need bigger government, we need smarter government. And I hope that we as North Carolinians send more thirty-somethings to Washington and to Raleigh to solve the pressing needs that are facing our country and our state. We can turn this around but we require people in government who truly represent us, not special interests or big corporations or lobbyists.

Rachel_and_Tim_Ryan_250 (70K)

Rachel and Tim Ryan

Mel Watt of the 12th district, was also one of the keynote speakers. He is the leader of the Black Caucus. He is facing his own election and I'm sure that his district will return him to Washington.

Rachel and Mel Watt

Heath Schuler was also there and I had the opportunity to meet him. Numerous articles have been written about his opponent and his involvement in various scandals and CAFTA. I will leave the reader to do his or her own research. Suffice it to say that it is high time for someone like him to go and elect new blood to office.

Rachel and Heath Schuler

While at the Young Democrats' convention, I had the opportunity to meet Judge William Gore, who is running for the open seat on the Supreme Court. And what I heard from him was not flattering of the judiciary. Nothing is quite as bad as my own race, but aspersions have raised their ugly head.

It is despicable that judges would act that way towards fellow judges and it should not be tolerated. Judicial candidates should talk about their views or qualifications for office. If an opponent has engaged in misconduct, it should be noted, but one should not stoop to personal attacks of the kind that I have faced. Nor should gossip or rumor be spread.

There are several candidates in that race, three of them are Democrats. I would encourage the voters to look at the candidates and make their choice. However, I think that Judge Gore is worth a second look.

It will be a busy next few months. There is the county and state Democratic conventions, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, a fundraiser for Mark Perry and a fundraiser for Ed Ridpath. I hope to see you at one or more of these events!

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea Hunter

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