Dear Friends and Voters,

I did not anticipate writing any further statements. The campaign has ended and I have left it behind me to pursue other interests. However, many, many people have continued to visit my website. Others have approached me about the future. As a result, I am compelled to write.

One would have thought that the end of the campaign and its results would have satisfied my detractors, but no. Unfortunately, the same nonsense that I put up with during the campaign has continued unabated. I continue to receive hate mail which foolishly crowed over the election results. People may rejoice that I was not elected. What is coming will not be pleasant for this country or this state. And the death of justice should be mourned, not celebrated. There is no reason to gloat and only fools do so.

As I remarked in an email to someone, these people are like Sauron and the Orcs from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, they keep coming and coming, no matter what I do. The latest ploy is to file another frivolous bar complaint. Does this relate to the practice of law or the representation of a client? No, of course not. It again relates to conduct that occurred during the campaign which is long since over. What point does this serve? To send me a message never to run for office again? I am not intimidated by a coward who hides behind a cloak of anonymity.

I have submitted my response. [See my response at my Breaking News Section to Bar] In a nutshell, it was alleged that I violated the judicial code of conduct by donating to a few candidates, most of who lost in their quests for office. The donations were all within the limits set by federal or state law. I do not care what the judicial code of conduct says. I did not relinquish my rights as an American citizen just because I decided to run for office. The judicial code, as written is unconstitutional if it mandates otherwise. It is not unlawful to donate to candidates and there is no reason to treat lawyers who are candidates for judicial office any differently than any other non-judicial candidate. Besides, donations equate with political speech and attempts to regulate political speech are not permissible.

Anyway, I do not recall that I did commit such a violation. I formed a PAC which was funded by "Max," my campaign advisor and other sources. Donations were made to other candidates from the PAC. Things were hectic towards the end of the campaign and I would have to defer to whatever campaign reports were filed, and Max handled technical aspects of the campaign anyway. Those candidates that asked for help were given help. They were little people like me with a desire to clean up the system and it is for this that I must be punished, while others who donated larger sums to candidates who prevailed, people who were judicial candidates themselves and who are part of the Establishment, will be rewarded.

On a more positive note, I had another MRI after the election and met with my doctors. From January to July, my tumor had doubled in size. The latest MRI showed that the tumor was still about the same size or slightly larger. The doctor interpreted the MRI as showing some swelling, so he put me on a low dose of steroids. He also saw an area in the center of the tumor which he interpreted as the tumor starting to die. After the radiation, my hair began falling out in clumps. I lost an area of about 2"x4" in size. The good news is that the hair is now starting to grow back. I have my next visits in about six months so more will be known then.

As for the future, I am taking a breather from politics as I need a rest after two years. And it is the holiday season. Max suggested that I write a book about the campaign as a how do manual for other candidates in the future and I have started that. As predicted, the purges of the NC GOP have left the party with few people. Even Ferrell Blount, the NC GOP chairman, did not have the courage to watch the election results and resigned as did his hatchet man, Bill Peaslee. Linda Daves has taken over until the next election, but nothing will change there. My campaign web site will stay up and will be undergoing major changes carrying it to a higher educational information technical level once again.

The Democrat Party is on probation. It is filled by many fine and wonderful people in North Carolina, but its leadership at the state level is controlled by the beast and corruption. I am not so sanguine about the national Democratic Party. Although it has not yet taken office, the actions taken against Jack Murtha were telling and did not bode well for the future. There will be no impeachment of Bush, despite the evil things he has done to destroy our constitution. However, it remains to be seen if America will cease the unnecessary unconstitutional war in Iraq. If, as I suspect, the war continues, I think the time may be ripe for a viable respected third political party, one without the baggage and saboteurs that are present in or what is left of the Libertarian Party in North Carolina. I have been approached by many people about that, and I will be exploring these options.

I am also working on having a radio show on the weekend, although the precise details are not completed. It will be aired on satellite radio and on small and large minority stations in North Carolina and will be geared towards a discussion of legal problems and what has become our system of injustice. Whether its the Duke rape case or others that I have corresponded with, all of the problems can be traced to the fundamental absence of justice. It is only the blind participation in the legal system that keeps it going. When we stop, it will come crashing down like a deck of cards, unless we act to restore it. It is to this end that I am working, through the book, through the radio and to hopefully inspire people out there to run for office. In the last election, we had far too many seats that went unopposed. I made my sacrifice to the tree of liberty and now it is time for others to do so. Besides, the beast cannot fight us all.

Merry Christmas to those who are Christians and Happy Holidays to those of other faiths.

Rachel Lea Hunter

Dear Friends & Voters,

Its hard to believe that this ordeal is finally over, although the results were not what I expected. My opponent received about 59% of the vote and I had 41%, or 600,000 votes although the results are still not official.

I still received 30,000 more votes than the Republican challenger for the Chief Justice seat, and he, unlike myself, had party support and adequate funding.

Raw numbers tell one story, but they don't tell the whole story. When you consider that I had to battle the NC GOP-Mafia, the leadership of the state Democratic Party and their shenanigans in not listing me on the party website, absolutely no funding from anyone since I refuse donations, the legal establishment that threatened to abrogate your right to vote for judges if I was elected, and those fine folks at fair.judges.net (which are anything but fair) and comprised of those who would rather break the law and accept a fine rather than see me elected, I did extremely well.

And I can say I tried. When I decided to run, the words of God came to me through a book that I read. God said, "are you sure that you want to do this? You will be mocked and vilified. I have sent many teachers to Earth and you have killed every one of them." I thought to myself, I know the consequences but I feel compelled to try as other teachers have felt compelled to try, including Jesus Christ. He could have led a life as a simple carpenter, gotten married and raised children. But he didn't and felt compelled to teach and against the Sanhedrin and those in power. He upset the applecart and made those in power feel especially uncomfortable. And what did he get for his efforts? An excruciatingly hideous death on Earth and glorious life in heaven.

I too, upset the applecart and made those in power extremely uncomfortable. Everyone from my opponent to the legal establishment was sweating bullets, terrorized with fear that I would prevail. How could I do so when I faced insurmountable odds? But I tried anyway, despite the mocking, despite the hatred and insults hurled at me, despite the lack of funds, despite all that I endured. And I endured much more abuse than any other candidate could ever hope to endure while at the same having to deal with my brain tumor, surgeries and radiation. So my detractors can gloat all they want over the election results. Truthfully, it is they who are the real losers in life and they will get the kind of corrupt government they deserve. I, however, know what kind of character I truly have and can hold my head up proudly and proclaim that I tried.

Along the way, I have been a Republican and a Democrat. I have met some great people and I would like to thank those county chairs that stuck by me even when the state party leadership went in the other direction. My comments about the NC Democratic Party leadership are not directed at them.

I have seen the evils committed by both political parties and the games, whether directed at myself or at other candidates. It is what I said at the outset, that politics is all about power and control. No matter which party temporarily gains the upper hand, know that "the beast" as I have termed it controls both sides. Someone like me cannot win, as it is a rigged game. The only way to really prevail is to suck up to and ingratiate yourself with beast, to give the beast some leverage so it can control you.

Early on I was interviewed on a radio show and a caller asked me why I wanted to run when the political and judicial system is so broke and corrupt. At last I have an answer. There is something in the human spirit that compels us to try. It is the spirit that compelled Jesus Christ; it is the same spirit that compelled me.

I have tried and I did not succeed. I hope that in some small way, I have inspired others to try as well. As for me, I realize that the system is broken and corrupt and badly so. For this reason, I have changed my party affiliation. I am no longer a Democrat. Nor will I be a Republican. I owe no one thanks or support or loyalty to any party after how I was treated. I am now an Independent. However, I have exposed the ugly side of politics for what it is. In light of what I have seen and experienced, I will do as many others have done. I am opting out as there is no point in voting for "the lesser of two evils" or people when there is not "a dime's worth of difference" between them. I will no longer participate in an evil and corrupt system.

We need to change our whole system and our whole society. I do not foresee such change, at least by peaceful means. I am not advocating violence or bloodshed by anyone. We experienced the French Revolution and can see where that led, so I have no wish to revisit it. But, as Thomas Jefferson said, ""The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." I know what he meant. I laid it all on the line just like our founders. I have done my part to refresh the tree of liberty with my sacrifice and I will work with others of like mind, behind the scenes, to make liberty a reality, not just a dream.

Rachel Lea Hunter

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